Global Grant GG1984626: Smiling Gecko Education Project, Kambodscha

söndag 14 juni 2020

Kontakt RC Luzern-Wasserturm: Markus Winterholer, Alain Biner

Smiling Gecko,, is a human aid organization with the intent to build a smart village in Cambodia that is self sufficient to provide homes for children from slums in Phnom Penh. The main focus is on:
1. Fighting hunger and poverty
2. School education and vocational training for young Cambodians 
3. Community development
4. Economic development
5. Protection of the environment

Smiling Gecko has different Clusters: 
1. Education
2. Agriculture
3. Crafts/Production
4. Tourism

Smiling Gecko  give the families in the region work in these different clusters. At the moment, more than 8'000 people are directly or indirectly benefiting from Smiling Gecko. The children are provided with professional education to become valuable members of the society. The existing school enables 300 children with education for required professions like farming, woodworking and fishing to grow a self sufficient local economy.